A Beginners Guide to Choose E-liquid

A Beginners Guide to Choose E-liquid

When it comes to vaping many people have a wide variety of opinions regarding the flavors or the e-juices. But, if you are a beginner how would you know which one to start from?

Even though choosing a right e-liquid seems to be a daunting task, some basic points that are associated with a cheap e liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine, and Flavorings.

  • PG/VG

E-liquid with more VG generally means that the e-liquid contains more than 50% VG. On the contrary e-liquid with high PG tends to offer a more throat hit and offers a harsh feeling of a cigarette. In case of mouth-to-lung devices, e-liquid with higher PG or 50/50 ratio is ideal; as it offers the effect of smoking a cigarette. Later on, a user can switch to higher VG for cloud chasing experience.

  • Don’t Forget the Flavors

E-liquids come in many flavors. As taste is subjective, it is always better to try out the different cheap e juice flavors that can suit the taste buds. Once, a user gets accustomed to a taste they can use it or switch to different flavors from time to time. From sweet to tangy flavors being available can help vapers to enjoy the various flavors.

  • Decide Nicotine Strength

It is always better to start with high and then reducing the nicotine strength gradually. In fact, based on how much a person smokes the nicotine strength can be decided. For example, for light smokers 6mg of nicotine strength is needed or for high smoker’s 18 mg is needed. Choosing the right strength can help in satisfying the nicotine cravings and gradually getting rid of it by moving to vaping.

It’s worth taking a note of the above factors in order to get the right flavors of the juices from the electronic cigarette and enjoy the smoking experience without harming the body.

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